You Should Have Left – Movie Review

Directed By: David Koepp

Written By : David Koepp, based on the novel by Daniel Kehlmann

Starring      : Kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried, Avery Essex

David Koepp returns with another psychological thriller based on the german novel by Daniel Kehllmann – Kevin Bacon plays Theo Conroy, a former banker with a troubled past who goes on a vacation with his family in a welsh countryside. However, little does Theo realize that he would be coming to grips with his past demons – as the house that they stay in slowly reveal his past demons.

Koepp is no stranger with premises involving troubled men going into a secluded vacation, and then slowly succumbing into madness. Secret Window and Stir of Echoes comes to mind, and from the trailers – You Should Have Left seemed to be a hybrid of the two films, the premise and the feel seems to emulate both of the aforementioned films.

Unfortunately however, the end product is a bland, meandering mess .

Even with its lightweight 93-minute runtime, You Should Have Left considerably drags, there’s very little tension, the performances were all-around flat, and anytime the film tries to insert some semblance of tension or intrigue – it simply comes off as…cringeworthy.

The film spends most of its time with Theo’s family drama, his wife (played by Amanda Seyfried) is an actress, and Theo still finds it difficult adjusting her lifestyle, and busy work schedule. Not to mention that they have a young daughter. Koepp’s attempt at injecting drama into the film mostly feels like filler, and this subplot involving the family affairs goes on for almost two thirds of the film – resulting in the film’s innate hollowness.

When the horror elements finally kick in – the film manages to pick up a little bit of steam, but by then it’s already too late. All work and no play makes You Should Have Left a very dull film.

You Should Have Left is now available on demand.

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