Air – Movie Review

Directed by : Ben Affleck

Written by : Alex Convery

Starring :  Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, Chris Messina, Chris Tucker and Viola Davis.

The son of Boston himself — Ben Affleck — is back in the director’s chair with Air — the story of how Nike courted Michael Jordan to sign on with them and ended up creating the most iconic shoe line ever.

Affleck has solidified himself as one of the best directors working today, even his supposed ‘flop’ with Live by Night was still a great showcase of filmmaking that was just unlucky enough to not resonate with audiences.

Air however, is a triumph. It’s a two-hour, captivating sports drama that builds up to a powerful slam dunk — leaving you with a good feeling as you’re walking out the auditorium. First-time writer Alex Convery is able to craft such an energetic narrative laced in with sharp dialogue among the characters, propelled by Affleck’s sleek direction.

Matt Damon plays Sonny Vaccaro, the iconic Nike executive and a perfect everyman protagonist that we all love to root for. Damon makes you want to root for Vaccaro no matter what, even if his decisions might put others at risk. 

Jason Bateman’s Rob Strasser is a perfect yang for Damon’s yin, and Affleck himself even pulls off an earnest performance as Nike founder Phil Knight — channeling a firm presence through the character’s awkwardness. Chris Tucker makes his return after 14 years, while he’s always known as the comic relief, Tucker brings an exceptionally heartfelt performance as Nike’s Howard White.

But the true MVP of Air is none other but Viola Davis, who pulls off a soulful-yet-driven performance as Deloris Jordan, if Damon’s Vacarro is the everyman of the narrative, Davis’ Jordan is the character that elevates the film to a higher level.

Air transcends the usual sports biopic to a great movie about how fortune favors the bold and often the crazy ones. It’s a feat of optimistic filmmaking and it solidifies Ben Affleck as a masterful storyteller.

Air is Now Playing in Theaters.

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