Palm Springs – Movie Review

Directed By: Max Barbakow

Written By : Andy Siara

Starring      : Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, and J.K Simmons  

Ever since Groundhog Day, came out – Hollywood has been tinkering with the time loop formula, and have since churned out some amusing flicks. We’ve had a time loop movie mixed with a crime investigation, set on a moving train (Source Code), a time loop movie set on a sci-fi war premise (Edge of Tomorrow, Live Die Repeat, or god knows what it’s actually called), and even one mixed with the slasher genre (Happy Death Day).

Palm Springs doesn’t necessarily try to reinvent the time loop formula, nor does it even try to present itself as a time loop movie. It’s essentially asks the question of “what would two people do if they had all the time in the world together?”

Set on a wedding, Palm Springs follows Nyles and Sarah (Andy Samberg & Cristin Milioti) coming to terms with the fact that they live within an infinite time loop, The chemistry between the two leads really makes the film – Milioti’s spunky personality mixed with Samberg’s comedic charm result in a pretty fun, and heartwarming romance.

It’s so refreshing to see the time loop being simultaneously experienced by two characters, usually these movies only have one character experiencing the loop, and they absolutely have nobody else to bear the journey with. The film also takes an interesting angle by having Nyles already experiencing the time loop for sometime, and having Sarah as a newcomer to the madness – this allows both characters to the develop their romance in a really fun, and engaging way as they make their way through their new predicament.

On its surface, Palm Springs doesn’t seem all that complex. But by tweaking a few things in the time loop movie formula, and having very likable characters – Palm Springs ends becoming something quite special.

Palm Springs is now available on Hulu.

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